Smoking Hot (Half)

Smoking Hot (Half)

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Do you smoke?  Do you want to start smoking?  Are you afraid of the consequences of smoking yet still want to look like you smoke because it's one of the coolest fashion statements a man or a women can make in their entire lifetime?

Smoker, or soon to be smoker, meet the ultimate smoking outfit accessory.  You've heard of the smoking jacket.  Now introducing a new product to the smoking collection 'the smoking bow tie'.  With high tech sewn within to protect the tie from smelling like ash, (tested 10 different times with a chocolate cigar).

Be your own smoke show.


(goosehaven does not support or condone the habit and practice of smoking any form of product in that category, be safe out there kids and adults.)


  This tie is a member of the "Halves" collection. You can read more about our Halves HERE. Basically, you need two halves to make one full bowtie.


Two halves fits 15-18” neck circumference.
In other words, if you’re an average joe, this is a perfect fit. If you need a smaller size bowtie, we are currently working on our gosling collection- bowties for boys.
Something we would like you to know before buying:
All of our products are handmade and include a lifetime guarantee (click HERE to read more)