Bush Cricket (reversible Half)

Bush Cricket (reversible Half)

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It's a green bug that can be pink if erythrism occurs via genetic mutation.  It is rumored that the pink bush cricket (katydid) is going to be in the next X-men movie according to many trustworthy sources I have researched.  One issue that these pink katydids have in their lifespan of two to three months before the cold frosts kill them is their ability to fit into the crowd and be one of the guys, or girls, or whatever (goosehaven is gender inclusive).  Thankfully with this reversible half of a bowtie you can be in the X-men or one of the guys, girls, whatever (goosehaven is not gender inclusive).



         This tie is a member of the "Halves" collection. You can read more about our Halves HERE. Basically, you need two halves to make one full bowtie.


Two halves fits 15-18” neck circumference.
In other words, if you’re an average joe, this is a perfect fit. If you need a smaller size bowtie, we are currently working on our gosling collection- bowties for boys.
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