Radish Seed (Half)

Radish Seed (Half)

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This bow tie is actually a radish seed, but it can only grow other bowtie radish seed plants.


  1. Buy this radish seed bow tie
  2. Find a plot of fertile soil, it must be very very fertile for this to work at all
  3. Dig a medium size hole, about 6 ft deep and 6 ft wide
  4. throw in the radish seed bow tie using perfect form, I would suggest reading the book "The Art of Throwing a Bowtie into a Hole" by Sun Tzu
  5. Fill the hole back up, but not with the soil you took out, you must order this soil from Amazon, find the one in the yellow bag titled, "Extreme Dirt"
  6. Wait 6 weeks to 6 years (21 years)
  7. go back to the spot you planted the radish seed bow tie.
  8. Voila.
  9. If you dig it up you'll find another bow tie just like it.


         This tie is a member of the "Halves" collection. You can read more about our Halves HERE. Basically, you need two halves to make one full bowtie.


Two halves fits 15-18” neck circumference.
In other words, if you’re an average joe, this is a perfect fit. If you need a smaller size bowtie, we are currently working on our gosling collection- bowties for boys.
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