Milford (Half)

Milford (Half)

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There once was a lovable wolf who lived deep in the woods of Michigan. That wolf was Milford. Milford was known by his pack as the most stylish wolf in the state. Every morning, Milford conditioned his lushious fur then brushed it for forty-seven minutes exactly. One day, Milford was crossing the road and was tragically struck by a Mack truck.

It's okay, you can cry.

The following week, the owners of goosehaven bowties drove by the limp body of poor Milford. His lucious fur brought inspiration for a whole new style of tie. And thus, the tie of Milford was born. Through this tie, Milford will live forever. Long live Milford. Long live goosehaven bowties.


         This tie is a member of the "Halves" collection. You can read more about our Halves HERE. Basically, you need two halves to make one full bowtie.


Two halves fits 15-18” neck circumference.
In other words, if you’re an average joe, this is a perfect fit. If you need a smaller size bowtie, we are currently working on our gosling collection- bowties for boys.
Something we would like you to know before buying:
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