Stemmy Stalker (Half)

Stemmy Stalker (Half)

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Developed this past hour, the all new hay prototype is designed to provide farm animals with food needed to survive.  The genius is that it tastes the same as real hay and even costs the same amount.  We aren't sure if its just rebranded original hay.  But this bowtie is made out of Stemmy Stalker™ and I'm pretty sure it's good material.


  This tie is a member of the "Halves" collection. You can read more about our Halves HERE. Basically, you need two halves to make one full bowtie.


Two halves fits 15-18” neck circumference.
In other words, if you’re an average joe, this is a perfect fit. If you need a smaller size bowtie, we are currently working on our gosling collection- bowties for boys.
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