Custom Bowtie

Custom Bowtie

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Have a certain style bowtie you're dying to have but can't find anywhere? We've got you covered. Send us a piece of fabric at least 16" x 24" and we'll send it back to you in the form of a goosehaven bowtie. Purchase this product and we will promptly email you with the address to send your fabric to. Expect to recieve your custom tie around 10 days from the time we recieve your fabric.


Or, you can tell us the colors that you're looking for or the theme of the event you're planning for and we will pick out a fabric that's right for you! It costs a little more, though. Hey, our time is pretty valuable.



You can either email us with the type of bowtie you're looking for, or you can hop on down to our Contact Us and fill out a form!

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