About the Company

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At goosehaven, we break down conventional style barriers, abolish the rules of fashion, and inspire creativity in all who choose to spread their wings and fly with us.
It all started with a big dream and a sewing machine. Elijah Havens and Josiah Goosen were inspired to  meet a need. The need they saw everywhere for excellent, American made men's accessories with unmatched visual impact, craftsman construction and artistic fabric selection. Their first vision:  hand-crafted bowties of re-purposed fabric.  Then what do you know? Popping cash at the local thrift for repurposed fabric and hand crafting amazing, one-of-a-kind bowties caught on.  Consistently selling out, the two founders knew they needed to bring on more brains and brawn. Noah Alex and Spencer Hawkins soon joined the team and goosehaven was officially born.
Success should always inspire responsiblity. It did in us! We believe in making a difference. Through our company, we realized we could support our other passions; namely other cultures and the gorgeous outdoors.   To that end, we have worked hard to be a social enterprise, and an environmentally responsible business.  
How have we done that?
First, we have become passionate about helping refugees and immigrants who are just settling into life in the United States. We are partners with FORAI (Friends of Refugees and Immigrants) and employ refugees and immigrants as our primary seamstresses and as our material prep. team. We operate within fair trade principals.
Employees-We have learned so much since we first approached the local refugee community to partner for jobs.  It has been a great opportunity for us to help new citizens become a thriving part of their communities.  Lun is currently our primary seamstress (Learn more about her HERE). Others help in different parts of the production process.  But all of our ties and Halves, every time, are produced by hand.  
  • Lifetime Guarantee- Yes, its true. By having a lifetime guarantee unlike any other in the way we repair our products, we hope our accessories become heirloom items for our customers. 
 What is the lifetime guarantee on all of our bowties and halves?
If a bowtie or half frays, tears, looses a button, or looses its shape, for any reason, send it in and we'll fix it for free! If it can not be repaired, (she was so mad at you, she set your bow tie on fire, for example), we will replace with a product of equal value. The only thing you have to pay for is shipping.



We also try to do as much as we can to be an environmentally responsible company. We know that while our girlfriends and wives might get mad at us, our "momma earth" will always be there for our ski and sport adventures, so we need to take care of her. Here are some ways we accomplish that:

  • Plant a Tree- We teamed up with them to offer you an option to donate $1 to plant a tree! A popup shows up in your checkout. In the future, we plan to start matching customer's donations.
  •  Packaging- All of our packaging is recycled. And it looks amazing. 
  • Materials (our Halves)-  Our Halves are made from re-purposed fabric. By that, we mean that we are sourcing through the local thrift community, supporting those agencies and reducing waste.  You get the added advantage of fabric that has been washed or responsibly cleaned, so your tie(so close to your sensitive skin!) will have a very nice "hand" and no toxic, new fabric finishes.  It also means a completely unique bowtie. As we continue to grow, we hope to have all of our Halves contain 100% repurposed fabric. If you see this image in a Halve's description, that means that the Half is repurposed!
  • Lifetime Guarantee - Our guarantee is quite unique in the garment industry.  While it is just bow-ties now, we know our future is big and bright, and we will continue to offer a guarantee  on products that are for keeps, not the landfill.                                                                                                




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