Behind the Bowtie

Master seamstress

Image of Refugee Seamstress

Ning Lam Lun

As a teenager, Lun fled Burma, seeking safety to the country of Malaysia, where she worked for several years until she and her husband (who she met while working there) were granted refugee status and resettled in the United States. Lun learned to sew through Forai and a class at Oasis International. She and her husband have 4 small children that she cares for at home.  Her husband is a hard worker, but his English is poor, limiting his earning power. He works packaging pasta to support their family of 6. Working for goosehaven from home on her own timetable, Lun earns enough each month to supplement her family’s income. Lun now has the skills to obtain a job in the garment industry in St. Louis when her kids are a little older. In addition to her sewing skills, she has learned better English by working for goosehaven and Forai.


Josiah Goosen

The goose of goosehaven. A resident of St. Louis after living in Turkey for 7 years. I do 90% of the work and own 25% of the company. I’ve been told that I look like Jaden Smith. I’m the CEO and pretty much the head honcho around here.

Noah Alex

I’m a Pennsylvania native with a knack for skiing and looking good. I’m the CFO, CEO (just don't tell Josiah), and various-task-accomplisher. Legends say I’m the brains behind this whole operation, and I keep the mental genius edge with mucho time in the great outdoors. 

Spencer Hawkins

Lived in Texas most of my life, so getting used to shirts has been quite the adventure. Not exactly sure what I'm doing here, but my wife has a sewing machine and I have a dream. I'm also the assistant to the regional CEO of goosehaven. 

Elijah Havens

Probably the most monumental fashion pioneer of our generation.  "It is morally unethical to treat a bowtie merely as the means to an end, but if you treat a bowtie as an end itself, that is where you find true joy." (Me)  Lived in Morocco, but now a freshman at Wheaton College studying fashion philosophy.  I do 10% of the work and own 25% of the company."